Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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General Information about Enterovirus D68

EV-D68 picThere has been quite a bit of recent news coverage about Enterovirus D68. Here are a few of the most common Q&As.

What is Enterovirus D68?
An enterovirus is a very common virus with more than 100 types. Most enterovirus infections occur seasonally between summer and fall in the United States. Enterovirus D68 is one type that usually affects infants, children, and teenagers and causes respiratory illness.

What are the symptoms of Enterovirus D68?
People affected by this enterovirus may develop mild to severe respiratory problems. Early symptoms may include a throat ache, runny nose, cough, abdominal pain, and breathing problems. Children who routinely experience asthma problems are at additional risk from this virus. If these cold-like symptoms become more severe, quickly consult with your family physician for further evaluation.

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Public Health in the Community

If You Really Care, Get Those Immunizations

immunizationsYou want to do what is best for your children. You know about the importance of car seats, baby gates and other ways to keep them safe. But, did you know that one of the best ways to protect your children is to make sure they have all of their vaccinations? Here are Five Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child:

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