Jeffrey A. Cooper, Health Commissioner

Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County is working purposefully to promote the health and well-being of Montgomery County’s population. We have designed this site to serve as a public health information resource for our community. We provide vital, culturally competent health services to over 534,000 residents who call Montgomery County home. Our guiding principles communicate what we believe in and provide the foundation for our programs and services. As public servants, our organizational culture emanates from these principles:

  • We are focused on preventing disease.
  • We are accountable.
  • We engage our community by building partnerships.
  • We use evidence-based best practices.
  • We advocate for health equity.
  • We treat everyone with respect.

To achieve our mission and vision, we have established strategic directions to guide our actions. For 2013 through 2017, our strategic directions are aimed at promoting a culture of health and wellness, improving access to health care, promoting health equity to eliminate disparities in health outcomes and strengthening our local public health system.

We believe our strategic directions are the proper balance of our overall agency initiatives to improve the health of our Montgomery County population. That proper balance includes:

Continuing our traditional public health programs such as communicable disease control to prevent the spread of disease, protecting against health threats in air, food and water, and providing direct services for vulnerable populations.

  • Investing in chronic disease prevention programs (cancers, heart disease, obesity, diabetes).
  • Improving access to medical, dental and behavioral care for all Montgomery County residents.
  • Promoting health equity to eliminate disparities in health outcomes among minority populations.
  • Continuing to strengthen our local public health system through partnerships.

We believe that reducing the leading causes of preventable deaths and disabilities, reaching out to underserved, vulnerable populations and promoting health equity remain the cornerstones of creating a healthier Montgomery County. We pledge to do our best every day to make Montgomery County a better place to live, work and play. Please join us!


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