Environmental Health provides inspection services to help ensure the public's health. In addition to food service establishments and new and remodeled plumbing projects, we inspect body art establishments, hotels and motels, school buildings, and swimming pools and spas

Body Art Establishments

The popularity of body art in Montgomery County has grown significantly in recent years. In 1994, only five establishments were licensed. Currently, there are approximately forty-five (45) body art establishments that are licensed and inspected.

Whether you are tattooing, piercing or applying permanent cosmetics, body art is an invasive procedure in which the skin is pierced to insert pigment or jewelry. The process can cause a small amount of bleeding by the person undergoing the procedure. As result, the potential for bloodborne disease transmission exists, so it is of paramount importance that the proper safety and sanitation protocols are adhered to.

The State of Ohio Body Art Rules and Regulations define what can and cannot be done with regard to body art procedures. The codes also address the handling of minors, artist training, routine testing for sterilization equipment and the development of a Standards of Operations guide for the establishment.

Complaints of unlicensed tattoo artists operating out of homes are investigated.

Hotel and Motels

The Transient Accommodation Program provides the licensing and inspection of all Montgomery County hotels and motels. Public Health inspects over 7,600 rooms to assure that all visitors will have a safe and sanitary accommodation, free of nuisance conditions.



What is considered a transient accommodation?

A transient accommodation is any facility used by transient guests for the purpose of sleeping, and includes the following:

  • Accessory sleeping quarters for transients
  • Apartment hotels
  • Lodging houses
  • Hotels
  • Motels

Do I need a permit to operate a transient accommodation?

Yes, if the number of rooms is five or more.

Do I need to go through plan review for my transient accommodation?

Plan review is required for all transient accommodations

How often are linens and bedding changed?

Linen and bedding supplied by the operator and used by a guest shall be changed twice weekly and more often if needed. Linen and bedding must be changed between guests.

School Inspection

The School Inspection Program provides safety standards and procedures for schools in Montgomery County. We help schools identify conditions that may harm the health or safety of students, school staff, and building occupants. Inspections include all areas of the school building and grounds.



Are schools licensed with Public Health?

School buildings are not licensed. However, schools are subject to inspections annually as required by the Ohio Revised Code. School cafeterias, concession areas, and swimming pools are required to obtain and maintain applicable licenses.

I have a complaint about my child’s school, who should I call?

Call Public Health regarding environmental concerns, food service, playground safety, swimming pools, and indoor air quality at any school in the county.

Swimming Pools and Spas

The Swimming Pool and Spa Program consists of licensing and inspecting all public and municipal swimming pools, whirlpools, and special use pools within the county. We inspect design, operation, safety, and maintenance items, as well as water quality parameters of clarity, alkalinity, chlorine levels, and overall pH.



What do I have to do to obtain a license to operate?

The Ohio Department of Health must approve the swimming pool to operate through a plan review process. Once approved, the operator must submit an application and fee to Public Health. A swimming pool license will then be issued.

I am getting ready to open for the summer; do I need to let Public Health know?

Prior to opening and May 1st of each year, an application and fee must be submitted for all public swimming pools. Contact Public Health for additional requirements.

Someone had an accident in the pool. How do I clean the mess?

Public Health recommends these guidelines. (PDF)

What kind of pool is licensable?

Any indoor or outdoor structure, chamber, or tank containing a body of water for swimming, diving, or bathing that is intended to be used collectively for swimming, diving, or bathing, and is operated by any person whether as the owner, lessee, operator, licensee, or concessionaire, regardless of usage fees is licensable.

My neighbor and I share a swimming pool; does this require a license?

Any indoor or outdoor structure, chamber, or tank containing a body of water for swimming, diving, or bathing located at a dwelling with no more than three families and used exclusively by the residents and their non-paying guests will NOT require licensure. Dwelling includes an individual room or individual suite of rooms at a hotel, motel, or other establishment providing temporary housing.

How many times a year will my pool be inspected?

Swimming pools are to be inspected bi-weekly and as needed.

I am replacing equipment in the pump room; do I need to let anyone know?

Contact Public Health to see if plan review will be needed. Public Health will provide the appropriate forms to you. These forms with the applicable fees must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Health for review and approval.

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