In order to improve the health of Montgomery County residents, Public Health leads or participates in numerous community coalitions designed to improve health outcomes in a variety of areas. Here you will find a list of the coalitions that Public Health is currently engaged with.

Ask Coalition (Agencies Serving Kids)

The Ask Coalition provides an opportunity for agencies and providers serving children to share resources, network and collaborate to better meet the needs of children and families in Montgomery County.

Contact Pam Silko

Community Action Network

To provide support and input to Five Rivers Health Center’s Health Start program which provides support, resources and education for pregnant women.

Contact: Tracey Waller

Community Overdose Action Team

The work of the Community Overdose Action Team seeks to reduce the number of fatal overdoses in Montgomery County. In addition, it will identify what services are being offered, look for any existing gaps in services and explore potential new or expanded ways to combat the drug overdose problem.

Contact: Casey Smith
Lead Member

Dayton Area Charitable Association of Public Employees.

The association’s goal is to provide and promote volunteering opportunities for public employees to benefit the community and participants.

Diabetes Coalition

The Diabetes Coalition is made up stakeholders and community members dedicated to promoting awareness of diabetes and prediabetes within Montgomery County. 


Environmental Crimes Task Force

The Task Force focuses on deterring open dumping through education and enforcement.

EveryOne Reach One Infant Mortality Task Force

EveryOne Reach One’s goal is to reduce the number of babies that die before their first birthday. Using a community-wide collaborative approach to combat Infant Mortality the coalition will develop strategies to combat preterm births, educate mothers and fathers about how to keep their babies healthy before and after birth and develop interventions to improve social and economic conditions in the community that lead to poor birth outcomes.
Contact: Nan-C Moss Vann

Greater Miami Valley Breast Feeding Coalition

The of the coalition is to promote breastfeeding in the community and to reach the breastfeeding goals of Healthy People 2020.

Contact: Tracey Waller

HIV/AIDS Prevention Committee (HAPC)

Our mission is to reduce the spread of HIV infection in Region Nine (9) (Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and Preble County) through the development, implementation, and evaluation of a HIV Prevention Plan. The plan is leveraged as the basis for funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for HIV prevention initiatives. Through a participatory process, the HAPC collaborates with key stakeholders to develop, monitor and evaluate HIV prevention planning and the Request for Proposal (RFP) process with a focus on populations demonstrating greater HIV primary and secondary prevention needs as evidenced by Region 9 HIV/AIDS Epidemiologic Profile, Ohio HIV/AIDS Integrated Epidemiologic Profile, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) HIV Care Needs Assessment and qualitative data from our catchment area.

For meeting dates and time, go to

Contact Andrea Young 937-496-7133 or

Head Start Health Advisory Board

The advisory board connects families with health services and provides feedback on the effectiveness of services in the community.

Contact: Tracey Waller

Keep Montgomery County Beautiful

The group promotes anti-littering, community clean-ups and beautification projects in local jurisdictions.

LGBTQ Health Alliance

A coalition of LGBTQ people, organizations and allies working to enhance and develop culturally competent health services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer residents of Montgomery County in an effort to help ensure proper care across their life span.

Contact: Richelle Frabotta

Medical Reserve Corp

The Medical Reserve Corps’ mission is to organize and utilize medical and non-medical volunteers to strengthen Montgomery County’s public health, emergency response and community resiliency.

Contact: Tracy Clare

The Montgomery County Drug-Free Coalition

Works with members of the local community such as law enforcement personnel, political leaders, health care workers, alcohol and drug treatment providers, the faith-based community, and local business people. We have several committees in which these community representatives will be involved. The mission of the Montgomery County Coalition for Drug-Free Communities is to promote a drug-free community by mobilizing diverse partnerships; developing, implementing and supporting environmental strategies; and increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of heroin, opiates, and illegal prescription drugs.


Montgomery County Prevention Coalition

The Montgomery County Prevention Coalition is dedicated to developing and implementing effective strategies to prevent substance misuse and abuse in the surrounding communities.

The coalition also works diligently to promote positive mental health and works to break the stigma around mental health treatment.

Contact: Casey Smith

Parenting Education Dialogue Coalition

Provides an opportunity for agencies serving families to share resources and network to better meet the needs of families in our community.

Contact: Tracey Waller

Refugee Mental Health Roundtable

The purpose of this roundtable is to discuss issues related to refugee mental health in the community; the focus has primarily focused on barriers to mental health access, specifically language barriers.

Lead by Catholic Social Services and occurs on a quarterly basis.

Contact: Heather Hall

Sister Line Advisory Coalition

The Sister Line Advisory Coalition is lead by staff from Wright State University’s SARDI Program. This group works to create strategies that help African American women living in Dayton’s public housing neighborhoods, reduce their risk of contracting HIV infection. This is facilitated by delivering culturally appropriate evidence-based educational interventions and providing free HIV counseling and testing.

Contact: Debbie Letlow

South Suburban Coalition

An eight-community coalition advocating for youth by promoting healthy choices and positive alternatives to reduce underage drinking and other drug use. Located in the south suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, the Coalition is made up of youth, parents, businesses, professionals and other community/school volunteers from Centerville, Kettering, Miami Township, Miamisburg, Moraine, Oakwood, Washington Township and West Carrollton. Since its founding in 2008, members have worked together on initiatives focusing on education and prevention, accountability and enforcement, community involvement and healthy alternatives. In recent years, the coalition has targeted its efforts on equipping and supporting youth and staff to implement best-practice youth-led prevention efforts in five participating high schools - Centerville, Kettering Fairmont, Miamisburg, Oakwood and Alter High Schools.

Valley View Community Drug-Free Coalition

To support the community in its commitment to change attitudes, encourage action, and mobilize stakeholders around the issues of addiction and substance abuse. As a community, we will achieve this through education, faith, and advocacy.

West Dayton Food Access Collective Impact Project

The West Dayton Food Access Collective Impact Project is dedicated to improving food access to West Dayton residents utilizing the collective impact model.

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