Child and Maternal Health

Public Health provides Child and Maternal Healthcare programs to families in Montgomery County.

Baby & Me Tobacco Free

The Baby & Me - Tobacco Free Program is a smoking cessation program which aims to reduce the use of tobacco products among women during and after their pregnancy.

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Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CMH)

Public Health's Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CMH) Program provides case management and service coordination for families with children who have special health care needs and are residents of Ohio.


Cribs for Kids!

According to the Ohio American Academy of Pediatrics, 3 infants die each week in Ohio in unsafe sleep areas. Cribs for Kids seeks to reduce that number by providing WIC-eligible families and expecting mothers with a free pack ‘n play for their baby.


Every Parent Matters

Every Parent Matters is a home visiting program for dads that encourages fathers’ participation by offering separate home visits as well as joint home visits with the mothers. The program uses an evidence-based curriculum, which is designed with a hands-on approach to meet the specific needs of fathers.

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Fetal & Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)

Infant mortality continues to be a significant problem for Montgomery County families. The best way to learn how to address the many issues facing these families is to learn from these families directly.


Moms & Babies First

Moms & Babies First: Ohio’s Black Infant Vitality Program helps to reduce the number of low birth weight babies, infant deaths and sickness within the ethnic communities of Montgomery County. We also offer an education support group for expectant and new fathers, as well as experienced fathers.

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