The Baby & Me - Tobacco Free Program is a smoking cessation program which aims to reduce the use of tobacco products among women during and after their pregnancy.

Facilitators of the program are trained to provide counseling support and resources that will encourage pregnant women to quit smoking.

How “Baby & Me - Tobacco Free” Works

The Baby & Me - Tobacco Free Program is open to women who are pregnant and are current smokers or who quit smoking within three months of becoming pregnant. Women enrolled in the program must attend four counseling sessions prenatally and must complete a carbon monoxide test at each session.

Postpartum visits occur once a month for up to twelve months. Mothers will be tested to make sure they are still smoke-free. Upon successful testing results, participants receive a monthly $25.00 voucher for diapers. If there is another smoker living in the home with the mother, they are also eligible for an additional $25 per month in diaper vouchers if they successfully participate in the program.

Why Quit?

Quitting smoking greatly reduces the health risks to the mother and baby. Research shows that babies born to mothers who do not smoke are born at a healthier weight, are less likely to be premature, and are more likely to have a normal birth. Remaining tobacco-free after the baby is born reduces the damaging effects of secondhand smoke, which is associated with ear infections, respiratory issues, allergies, and learning disabilities. Being tobacco-free increases the likelihood of positive health outcomes for the women and their families.


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