The CMH program provides assistance to children with special health care needs and their families who meet the medical and financial eligibility criteria.  Assistance is provided to children under the age of 22 who have special health care needs (primarily chronic illnesses) and are residents of Ohio. There are three programs that assist with the diagnostic and treatment services that may be needed.

The program staff are physically located in the Job Center. This allows the staff to work with several of our partner agencies. Help Me Grow Brighter Futures staff are also located in the Job Center, allowing both our staffs to work closely with families of children age newborn to 3 years of age who may have developmental delays or chronic health conditions.

The program staff also work closely with the staff of the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services located in the Job Center to assist families to enroll their eligible children in the Healthy Start or Medicaid Programs.



CMH staff nurses help families with the CMH application and renewal process. They assess family needs, teach about conditions and make referrals to health care providers and community resources.

Examples of Covered Services:

  • Laboratory tests and x-rays
  • Physician visits
  • Prescription medications
  • Surgeries, hospitalization, medical equipment, and supplies
  • Physical, speech and Occupational therapy
  • Public health nurse visits and hospital service coordination




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