We would like to hear your story, told in your words.

Montgomery County’s Fetal & Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) Program is a county-wide effort to improve pregnancy and infant health. The program provides support to parents and families who have suffered an infant loss or stillbirth.

As the FIMR Program is made aware of a loss, we reach out to families with a bereavement card, information about grief and available support in Montgomery County, as well as a packet of forget-me-not seeds as an expression of our deepest condolences for the loss.

FIMR can provide referrals to resources, information, and emotional support to help deal with grief and other emotions following a loss, and a listening ear for you to share your baby’s story.

In an effort to offer better services for Montgomery County mothers and families, we conduct interviews with parents who recently experienced an infant loss (less than 1 year of age) or stillbirth (baby not born alive after 20 weeks gestation) and are open to speaking with us. By speaking with families who have experienced these tragic losses, Montgomery County can learn how to improve services to prevent these losses from happening in the future.

Parents and families are eligible if:

  • They have experienced a recent infant loss or stillbirth
  • They were Montgomery County residents at the time of the loss
  • They are not involved in criminal investigation or lawsuits surrounding the death

As a thank you for participating in the interview, families will receive a $25 gift card and a keepsake journal.

For questions or if you are interested in participating in this important program, please call 937-225-6355.

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