Public Health has launched a new program called LGBTQ Health Initiatives in the Office of Health Services which focuses on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community (LGBTQ).

The LGBTQ community in general, has a higher prevalence of tobacco use, addictions, and mental health issues among other conditions as a result of historically being a marginalized population.

In support of our Diversity & Inclusion efforts we will focus on providing the best healthcare services possible, delivered in a culturally competent way that meets every individual’s needs.

Our efforts will initially involve several key activities as listed below:

  • Develop policies and strategies to support healthcare efforts for the LGBTQ community.
  • Develop and conduct cultural competency training for Public Health staff and community partners.
  • Lead a local LGBTQ community coalition addressing gaps in care.
  • Collaborate with Public Health programs to improve LGBTQ health equity.
  • Conduct public speaking appearances to address issues of health inequity within gender and sexually diverse communities.
  • Achieve certification for LGBTQ culturally competent care through the Healthcare Equality Index.

Target Populations: LGBTQ individuals

Focus Areas: Access to healthcare, HIV/AIDS, Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention

Core Competencies

  • Inform, educate and empower people to understand the impact of health disparities in the LGBTQ community
  • Examine root causes of poor health outcomes; build community partnerships; link LGBTQ populations with services and resources
  • Examine or develop policy and facilitate community engagement to eliminate health disparities in the LGBTQ community

Are you and your organization LGBTQ culturally competent?

There are approximately 27,000 LGBTQ people of all ages in Montgomery County. They represent an important constituency and clients for your organization or business, but do you know how to reach this community and how to appropriately meet their needs and care for them? If not, Public Health can assist you in better understanding this growing population of residents. We can provide education and training on everything from understanding unique terminology within this community to appropriate interaction and community presence that can help you. If you’re interested, please contact Jerry Mallicoat at 937-224-3727 or

At Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County, we believe that ALL people have the right to live affirmed lives, including transgender people. Over the last few days, news reports about the intent on the part of our federal government to deny the existence of transgender people have caused extreme anxiety and fear among the transgender community and the LGBTQ community at large. No person should ever have their identify —their very selves — denied or diminished. Public Health sees you and respects you. We believe that ALL people should be able to live healthy and productive lives, including our transgender citizens. Our vision is a healthy, safe and thriving Montgomery County and that includes transgender people. That is why we recently began an intensified focus on LGBTQ Health Initiatives. We respect the rights of transgender people and we are here to help meet your health care needs. Everyone is welcome at Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County.

For more information visit the National LGBT Health Education Center


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