Public Health’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic provides patient evaluation, laboratory testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. HIV testing, including rapid testing, is also available. The Public Health STD Lab supports the clinic by providing quick results while patients wait. Some results require more time to complete.

STDs are preventable, and many can be easily treated or cured. That is why Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County encourages all residents of Dayton, Montgomery County, and the surrounding area to increase their knowledge about STDs, including transmission, prevention, and treatment. The STD Clinic offers confidential STD testing and treatment, as well as a variety of STD educational materials.

NOTE: Testing is by appointment only.


Fact Sheets from the CDC

Anyone can learn more about STDs and how to prevent them by researching information on the Internet or by stopping by the local STD Clinic to pick up educational materials which are free of charge.

To obtain educational information, visit Public Health’s STD Clinic.




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