ODH has a new lead abatement tax credit program. This tax credit program provides Ohio property owners nonrefundable credits that are issued against their state tax liability. In order to be eligible to receive this credit, the taxpayer must have incurred lead abatement costs, associated with an eligible dwelling they own, on or after the taxable year beginning January 1, 2020. A taxpayer may receive a tax credit up to $10,000.00 (per taxable year). Attached you will find a copy of our promotional flyer that provides an overview of the program.

This tax credit is currently available for eligible expenses through the 2021 tax year (12/31/2021). The tax credit is capped at $10,000.00 per eligible dwelling, as well as $10,000.00 per individual taxpayer.

For additional information, including our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, please visit www.odh.ohio.gov/leadtaxcredit.

pdf Tax Credit (319 KB)

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