Public Health offers two diabetes programs to serve the community.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

The Diabetes Self-Management Program provides persons 18 years or older, who are living with diabetes the tools they need to successfully control their diabetes and prevent the complications of diabetes.

This program is certified by the American Diabetes Association.

Project Power Program

The Diabetes Self-Management Program in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association and area churches conducts the Project Power Program, which is a faith-based initiative targeting the African American community. Project Power provides churches with a foundation for integrating diabetes awareness messages and healthy living tips into the life of the family and church. It engages the church in a variety of year-round activities, providing lessons to improve the health of those church members living with diabetes, their families, and the community as well.

To learn more about this program, contact Public Health’s Diabetes Coordinator at (937) 225-4189.

Public Health’s Recognized National Diabetes Prevention Program

Public Health’s National Diabetes Prevention Program is a year- long lifestyle change program in which people at risk for type 2 diabetes meet in a group with a trained Lifestyle Coach. It is based on research, which shows that people at risk for type 2 diabetes can significantly reduce their risk by losing 7% of their body weight through healthy eating and physical activity.

During the program, participants learn ways to incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into their daily lives. Additionally, they set two primary goals: lose 5-7 % of your starting weight over the course of the program, and do at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week.

To learn more about this program, contact Public Health’s Lifestyle Coach at (937) 225-5878.


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