The Dayton & Montgomery County Local Office on Minority Health is a program funded by a grant from the Ohio Commission on Minority Health, in partnership with Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County.


In 2007, the Ohio Commission on Minority Health (OCMH) moved to create an infrastructure and presence at the local level through the establishment of the Local Offices on Minority Health within urban areas in Ohio. This initiative became the first of its kind by a state agency in the nation. In an effort to develop a model for the nation, the OCMH spearheaded the creation of national performance standards and/or core competencies for Local Offices on Minority Health in collaboration with the National Association of State Offices of Minority Health (NASOMH). The program is dedicated to eliminating health disparities in minority communities through monitoring and reporting the health status of minority populations, informing, educating and empowering people, mobilizing community partnerships and actions, and developing policies and plans to support health efforts.

Priority Populations

  • Asian or Pacific Islander
  • Black or African American
  • Hispanic/Latin
  • Native American or Indigenous

Focus Areas

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Infant mortality
  • Lupus
  • Substance abuse
  • Violence


Provides leadership that is dedicated to reducing and eliminating disparities and inequities in the health status of the minoritized populations within the City of Dayton and Montgomery County.


Strives to achieve health equity for both the City of Dayton’s and Montgomery County’s minoritized populations.

Core Competencies

  • Monitor and report on the health status of minoritized populations
  • Inform, educate, and empower the local community on minority health topic
  • Mobilize community partnerships and actions to combat health disparities and inequities
  • Develop policies and plans to support minority health efforts
  • Pursue opportunities to foster greater sustainability among program initiatives

Interested in joining our Minority Health Advisory Council?

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Want to get in touch with us?

Fabrice Juin, Coordinator for the Local Office of Minority Health

  • Email:
  • Office: (937) 225-4962
Funded in part by the Ohio
Commission on Minority Health

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