Healthy Neighborhoods

Public Health provides programs which help families in Montgomery County with residential nuisances.


Mosquito and Vector Disease Control

The Mosquito and Vector Disease Control program protects Montgomery County from mosquito-borne diseases. Through regular trapping and species identification, the local mosquito population is monitored, tested, and controlled.


Nuisance Abatement

The Nuisance Abatement Program investigates conditions such as trash, rodents, abandoned pools, and unsanitary conditions at residential property in unincorporated areas of Montgomery County.


Rabies Control

The Rabies Control Program quarantines dogs, cats, and ferrets involved in biting incidents to ensure that the animal did not transmit rabies to the bite victim.

937- 225-4362

Smoke-Free Workplace

Ohio’s Smoke-Free Workplace Program ensures that all work environments in the state are completely smoke-free. Public Health responds to complaints directed to 1-866-559-OHIO regarding smoking in any workplace in the county.


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