The purpose of the Plumbing Inspection Program is to ensure that all plumbing installed during construction of a new or renovated building is installed by knowledgeable craftsmen in accordance with applicable codes. Properly installed plumbing systems protect the public’s health by preventing bacterial or chemical contamination of the public water supply caused by accidental backflow as well as by preventing exposure to discharge from improperly installed wastewater drainage systems.

The plumbing program provides oversight of the installation of plumbing systems in all areas of Montgomery County except for the cities of Centerville, Dayton, Oakwood, and Kettering.  The plumbing program is also responsible for on premise sewer and water systems in many areas of the county.  Plumbing contractors and in limited cases, homeowners, may apply for permits to install plumbing systems in new or remodeled construction, with response to inspection requests normally within 24 hours.  The Plumbing Inspection Program registers all persons engaged in the business of plumbing within the jurisdiction of Public Health.

Did You Know that if you are planning a home remodeling project and plan to repair, replace or add new plumbing, you are required to secure a plumbing permit. In turn, if you are hiring a licensed plumbing company they too must secure a permit.  A Plumbing permit will provide you with a safety inspection; which will insure that the work was done according to code.  It is not worth your family’s safety and or financial risk to skip this very important part of your project.

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