For emergency demolitions, a variance can be given by Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) for the asbestos inspection, the 10-working day wait, or the requirement to remove all regulated asbestos containing materials prior to the start of demolition activities of a facility.

  • Emergency demolition means any demolition operation conducted under a written order issued by a state or local governmental agency because a facility is structurally unsound and in danger of collapse.
  • Please note, residential structures having fewer than 4 dwelling units are exempt from all asbestos regulations.

Emergency Demolition protocol:

  • If a building is structurally unsound and in danger of collapse, contact your local governmental agency (city or township government office or local fire department) to inform them of the emergency and need to bring the building down for safety reasons.
  • Obtain a written order by the local governmental agency to demolish the building to eliminate the safety concerns. If there are issues with obtaining an order, please contact RAPCA.
  • Demolition can begin immediately once the order has been issued. Notification of the emergency demolition must be submitted to the Ohio EPA Central Office within 24 hours of the demolition.  A copy of the written order must be attached and included with the notification.
  • If no asbestos inspection can be performed on the structure and/or demolition debris, then all demolition debris must be handled and disposed of as regulated asbestos containing waste at a permitted asbestos landfill.
    List of permitted asbestos landfills:
  • Hire a licensed asbestos abatement contractor for the handling of the asbestos contaminated debris. The asbestos abatement contractor must submit a separate notification to the Ohio EPA Central Office for the asbestos removal activity; this is required if they were not listed on the original notification submitted by the demolition contractor.
  • All demolition debris must be properly wetted, packaged, manifested, and disposed of at a permitted asbestos landfill. Once all waste has been removed, update the notification with the actual quantity removed (in cubic feet), if the final amount is different from what was estimated on the original notification form.

Contact the RAPCA Asbestos Coordinator with questions and for assistance
at 937-225-4435.

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