The Community Overdose Action Team (COAT) is tracking an increase in the number of overdose deaths during the month of April.  Between March 22 and April 5 there have been 17 overdose deaths in Montgomery County. This increase is compared to March 1 and March 21, when there were 11.
There have been 72 overdose deaths in 2019.

“The increase in overdose deaths is avoidable, but only if we all act together to continue to solve the problem of addiction. If you know anyone who uses illegal drugs, please share this information with them and carry naloxone.” – Dr. Kent E. Harshbarger, Montgomery County Coroner.

“At the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab, we have seen an increasing trend of illegal drugs being mixed with fentanyl and other fentanyl analogs. Sometimes these mixtures include chemicals like Xylazine, which are resistant to Narcan.” – Erik R. Blaine, Director, Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab.

The COAT reminds you that any illegal drug could contain fentanyl which increases the chance for an overdose. While there is no safe way to use illegal drugs, it is important that drugs users, their friends and family, and the public are aware of steps they can take to help reduce the risk of death.

Safety Recommendations for Drug Users:

  1. In the event of an overdose call 911 immediately.
  2. Have Narcan available, and someone who can administer it, in case of an overdose.
  3. Call Samaritan Crisis Care 24/7 at 224-4646 for crisis, treatment and referral.
  4. Do not use drugs containing fentanyl.
  5. Do not use drugs alone.
  6. Do not share needles.

Additional Resources to Help Prevent Overdoses:

  1. Attend Naloxone/Narcan training. Project Dawn Montgomery County offers FREE weekly naloxone overdose education & distribution every Wednesday at Noon at 601 Edwin C. Moses Blvd, Door F, CrisisCare entrance, Dayton OH 45417.  Please call 937.734.8333 to schedule group training. 


  1. Be knowledgeable about local treatment options. Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services maintains a list of local addiction and mental health treatment resources on the app GetHelpNowMontgomeryCounty, as well as online screening tools at


The Community Overdose Action Team was established to address the opioid/heroin epidemic in Montgomery County. The goal is to reduce the number of fatal overdoses. Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services and Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County are lead agencies in the effort to combat the epidemic.

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