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Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County is continuing its COVID-19 Vaccination Program for those individuals who are in Phase 1A as determined by the Ohio Department of Health. Phase 1A population groups are defined as healthcare providers and long-term care facility staff and residents.

Public Health is providing COVID-19 vaccine to the following Phase 1A* groups:

EMS responders

Federally Qualified Health Centers staff

Primary Care practitioners not affiliated with hospitals

Urgent Care Centers staff

School Nurses

Dental providers

Dialysis Centers

home health care staff

In addition,

Individuals with developmental disabilities and those with mental health/substance use disorders who live in group homes and residential facilities and staff at those centers

* You must show work ID or other documentation to show proof of inclusion in Phase 1a.

This round of vaccination is not open to the general public.

Public Health is contacting in advance, Phase 1A groups. Public Health is not providing vaccination to hospital workers or those who live or work in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Those vaccinations are being provided by hospital systems and by local pharmacies.

Public Health is only vaccinating Phase 1A individuals who live or work in Montgomery County. If you do not live or work in Montgomery County, you must contact your local health department for vaccination information in your area.

Ohio Department of Health Update - January 7, 2021

During his press conference on January 7, 2021, Governor Dewine announced plans for additional vaccine allocations targeted for vaccination of Phase 1B population groups as

Based on the existing vaccine supply constraints (ODH currently receives approximately 100,000 doses per week), Phase 1A and 1B vaccinations will span multiple months.

Vaccine allocation for Phase 1B populations will begin as follows:

Week of January 18: individuals age 80 and older

Week of January 25: individuals age 75 and older

Week of February 1: individuals age 70 and older

Week of February 8: individuals age 65 and older

Week of January 25: individuals with severe, congenital, developmental
and early onset medical disorders

Week of February 1: K-12 school teachers and staff only for schools which
elect to be in-person or offer a hybrid model by March 1

Public Health will provide information about vaccinating Phase 1B individuals who live or work in Montgomery County in the near future.
There is no waiting list or registration at this time. Public Health will notify the public when Phase 1B begins through local news media, our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PublicHealthMDC and our website www.phdcmc.org.

Public Health asks for patience as we continue to work through vaccinating the Phase 1A & 1B priority groups.

For updates on the vaccination process visit:

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