Public Health- Dayton & Montgomery County reminds you that now is the time to receive your annual flu vaccination. Last year, the United States, Ohio and Montgomery County saw a record low number of flu hospitalizations largely due to precautions being taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 and a record number of people receiving the flu vaccine. In the 2019/2020 flu season there were 828 hospitalizations in Montgomery County and in 2020/2021 there were five.

In addition to physical distancing, hand washing, and the use of face masks, "The flu vaccine is a good foundation to avoid getting sick with influenza," said Dr. Michael Dohn, Medical Director, Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County. "And if someone does catch the flu, vaccinated people get less severe cases of influenza."

It is important to remember that the flu vaccine has been used for over 50 years and is a safe and effect way to protect you and your loved ones. For more influenza related information, visit

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