Programs at Public Health

Below is a listing of all programs available to Montgomery County residents.


Research Review Panel image

The Research Review Panel ensure that all research involving PHDMC data, staff, or clients supports the mission of PHDMC.


School Health Services button

School Health Services are provided to private, parochial and charter schools in Montgomery County.  Schools may contract for a school nurse on a part-time or full-time basis or one-time only to perform mandatory screenings.


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Ohio’s Smoke-Free Workplace Program ensures that all work environments in the state are completely smoke-free. Public Health responds to complaints directed to 1-866-559-OHIO regarding smoking in any workplace in the county.


Solid and Infectious Waste Disposal image

The Solid and Infectious Waste Program ensures that waste materials are disposed of in compliance with state regulation and in a manner that is protective of the public’s health and the environment.


Source Water Protection image

The Source Water Protection Program prevents increased risk to the public water supply by regulating the quantity and use of chemicals by businesses located in the Multi-Jurisdictional Source Water Protection Area.


Tobacco Cessation image

PHDMC partners with worksites, schools, and community organizations to offer free tobacco cessation for residents of Montgomery County; and participants receive a one month supply of patches.


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