Jeff Cooper, Health Commissioner

Dear Community Leader:

Once again I am asking you to join Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County as we strive to build a healthier community. This appeal is similar to the one I made to you in 2011 when we released the first community health assessment. As you will see in the enclosed, Executive Summary of the Montgomery County Community Health Assessment 2014, many of our citizens still face significant health-related challenges. While we should acknowledge incremental improvements in some areas, our emotions should compel us to take collaborative actions where we are falling short. Unfortunately, the opportunities are plentiful.

In a perfect Montgomery County, all of our friends, coworkers and family would take full responsibility for their own health, and have the ability and resources to live a high quality, long life. However, that is not happening today and unlikely to occur anytime soon. So, if we are going to become healthier as a community, we need to work together more than ever in a multi-faceted, collaborative manner.

To make any progress whatsoever, community leaders need to lead! All of us must be an active participant, do more than we are doing today and work in unison to improve the health of our citizens. Specifically, I am asking you to serve as a healthy role model. Are you currently leading a healthy lifestyle and setting a good example for our friends, coworkers and relatives? If not, are you willing to change your behaviors and influence others to do the same? In short, we need you to lead if we are going to achieve collective impact.

Please join me by doing the following:

  • Read the executive summary and note the major findings and calls to action
  • Abide by the calls to action and share this information with personal and professional contacts.
  • Help our citizens embrace the calls to action.
  • Join us as we develop and implement a community health improvement plan.

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County looks forward to partnering with you to create a healthier Montgomery County.


Jeffrey A. Cooper
Montgomery County Health Commissioner

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