Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County’s 2019 Community Health Assessment describes the health of our county and identifies key factors that contribute to our public health challenges. Similar to previous versions in 2010 and 2014, the county-level data in this assessment measure behavioral health, maternal and child health, deaths, chronic diseases, health risks, built environment and access to care. New to this assessment are geographic snapshots which define health characteristics of smaller areas of the county.

The data tell a compelling story around disparities in health outcomes between population groups. Our White population enjoys a longer lifespan, has more economic stability, experiences less burden of preventable disease and violence, and benefits from better access to healthcare. Our Black, Asian, Native American and other populations and individuals of Hispanic ethnicity fare much worse and have less opportunity to be healthy.

This assessment is foundational to improving individual and population health because the data will be used to establish health priorities and to develop an action plan to best meet the needs of our diverse community. That action plan must incorporate health and equity considerations into decision-making on policies and services that impact public health. The public health needs and issues identified in this assessment underscore the urgent need for all sectors to address social determinants of health to maximize the health of all residents of Montgomery County.

Reducing the leading causes of preventable disease and premature death, reaching out to underserved, vulnerable populations and promoting health equity remain the cornerstones of creating a healthier Montgomery County. By working together, we can achieve our shared vision of Montgomery County as a healthy, safe and thriving community!

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