Services at Public Health

Below is a listing of all services available to Montgomery County residents.


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Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County's Addiction Services provides substance use disorder treatment, problem gambling treatment, prevention, and intervention services.  We help individuals and families find a treatment program and a recovery life that works.


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Birth and death records dating back to 1909 for people born in Montgomery County, Ohio are available at our office. Records dating from 1867 through 1908 are available through the Montgomery County Archives.


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Information about CarePoint Syringe Services Program.


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The Public Health Epidemiology department collects and analyzes health-related data and information pertaining to the Montgomery County, Ohio's residents and neighborhoods in the form of reports and presentations.


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The Food Protection Program supervises the licensing and inspection of all restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines, mobile food operations, and temporary food operations.


Food Service Sanitarians inspect licensed food service operators and retail food establishments for proper food storage, handling, preparation and serving.


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