The Source Water Protection Program prevents increased risk to the public water supply by regulating the quantity and use of chemicals by businesses located in the Multi-Jurisdictional Source Water Protection Area. This is accomplished through chemical inventory reviews, periodic facility inspections, and financial incentives to businesses.

Public Health staff also provides technical assistance to officials of Harrison Township, the cities of Riverside, Vandalia and Huber Heights. The city of Dayton operates a parallel program within the Dayton corporation limits.

Note: If located within Harrison Township, Riverside, Vandalia, or Huber Heights, call Public Health staff. If located within Dayton city limits, call Dayton Division of Environmental Management.


Great Miami Valley Buried Aquifer map

The Program helps protect the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer, one of the most productive sources of groundwater in North America.

The Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer:

  • Gallons of water stored: 3 trillion
  • Drinking water consumers supplied: nearly 400,000
  • Chemical inventory reductions since beginning of Program: 17,000,000 lbs.


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